02 Sep

Mission Statement

1. To support and speak on behalf of children and youth in the schools, in the community and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children; 

2. To assist parents in developing the skills they need to raise and protect their children; and 

3. To encourage parent and public involvement in the public schools of the nation.     

Local Unit: Our local PTA unit, the J. Milton Lewis Elementary PTA, Inc. was incorporated in 1999.  The PTA Board is committed to carry out its activities in accordance with the PTA bylaws, set forth by the National PTA.  We are committed to managing PTA programs and activities to meet the needs of Lewis students, and to be an active voice in community concerns and legislative issues.  Guidelines and program aids are offered to local units by the National and Georgia PTA.  Our local PTA unit chooses the appropriate programs to meet our needs.     

Council: Lewis ES PTA is part of the Tom Mathis, Sr. Council, which includes area PTA groups.  It offers leadership and assists local units and coordinates activities between local units and state.     

District: We are part of District 9, a geographic group that unifies local units and councils within the state.  It coordinates efforts between the council/local units and state/national organizations.     

State: Organized in 1906, Georgia Congress of Parents and Teachers is the direct link between the local units and the National PTA.  Through this connecting link, more than 350,000 Georgia PTA members have the opportunity to help direct and formulate PTA efforts and activities; anyone who becomes a member of a local unit automatically becomes a member of the Georgia and National PTA.     

National: The PTA organization was founded in 1897 originally as the National Congress of Mothers.   The National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers was founded in 1926 in Atlanta.  The two organizations were united in 1970 to serve all children equally.   

PTA Membership: Your membership entitles you to be a supportive partner and a voting voice in the decision-making process that can affect your student’s education and well-being.  You can be involved in today’s students and be an active member by: 

1. Attending and Voting at PTA General Meetings 

2. Volunteer for event committees and projects  

3. Offer unique suggestions and opinions